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The Well Mom Checklist

  • Have I eaten enough nutritious food today?

  • ​Have I slept at least 5 hours, or taken a nap?

  • ​Have I bathed or showered today?

  • Have I exercised at least 10 minutes today?

  • ​Have I had at least 10 minutes of quiet time for reflection and renewal today?

  • ​Have I let myself laugh today?

  • ​Have I let others help me today?

  • ​Have I kissed my baby and told him/her that "I love you" today?

  • ​Have I talked to at least one adult today about how I am doing today (not just about the baby)?

  • ​Have I forgiven myself for mistakes today?

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The Working Mom Checklist

(Practical tips for making the transition back to work easier) 

  • ​Have I given myself enough time today?
  • Have I asked for and accepted help today?​
  • ​Have I advocated for myself today?  Have I set boundaries today?
  • ​Have I been curious and not judgmental of myself today?
  • Have I been honest with those in my support system about what I need?
  • ​Have I forgiven myself for mistakes today?
  • Have I done something to reduce stress today?​
  • ​Have I allowed myself to have flexibility today?
  • ​Am I being kind to myself in my self-talk and expectations?
  • Have I given myself time for reflection and adjustment when needed?​
  • Have I let myself laugh today?​
  • ​Do I have a plan for adequate sleep tonight?

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