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New Birth Trauma Group

Birth is personal. While healthy baby and healthy mom are the primary goals, the birth experience itself does not always go as expected. This can have a powerful and lasting impact. This group is designed to provide a safe space to promote healing after a traumatic birth experience. Sessions will focus on developing coping skills to reduce stressors including anxiety, grief, and shame. Activities will include creating birth art, sharing birth experiences, and group process time. 

Dates: February 20th – April 10th, 2017
When: Mondays from 5:30pm-7:00pm
Cost: $20/session, 8 sessions total
Location: The Center for Postpartum Family Health, 
3418 Mercer, Houston, TX 77027
This group will be facilitated by Lorissa Eichenberger, MA, LMFT-Associate under the supervision of Sherry Duson, MA, LMFT-S.  Having worked towards healing from her first birth experience, Lorissa has compassion for women that have struggled with traumatic births.  She has both participated in and facilitated support groups for women in the greater Houston area.  Lorissa understands the difficulty in sharing details of a traumatic birth and how hard it can be to find qualified professionals to aid in the healing process with empathy.  She is creating this comforting space to allow women to tell their stories and heal themselves.  

Space is limited, so call our center 713-561-3884 or register below to reserve your spot today!